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Success Stories

2 Villa Duplex Development


This project was completed in April 2014. The property was a 3 bedroom house on 1012sqm of land with a second street frontage. The project included:

  • Renovations to the house
  • Torren’s title subdivision
  • Building of a 3 bedroom duplex (2 x attached villas)
  • Strata subdivision of the villas


Equity Created: 

The project and ended with an equity result of $90,052 after the project management fee.


Rental Returns 

The House rents for $340 per week and the new villas are leased at $350 per week each:

Total rental return:  $1,040 per week or $54,080 pa

Gross Yield: 8%


This property was carefully chosen for the client by Property Bloom™ for development for two main reasons:


The land had a house in good condition on it as well as being large enough to build a duplex.


The location. The land is situated within walking distance to this city’s CBD.


Total Project Cost, including land, DA, CC, build and subdivision costs: $693,574



Final Valuations in 2014:



Villa 1:



Villa 2:





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