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Jo Chivers

Jo Chivers Property Development Guru Property Bloom™ Aust Pty Limited is the result of my long standing passion with property investment. My love of property started after purchasing our family home on Sydney's northern beaches decades ago and watching in awe as the value grew. We were experiencing the true value of capital growth. How could we make so much money by doing very little except waiting?

Then I thought…imagine if we could also add value by developing the property, the return would be much greater.

I also realised I would need a substantial income when I decided to retire so I could live the life I really wanted to. Watching as my parents struggled on the aged pension gave me the focus I needed. Whilst I had some superannuation slowly building back then, I didn't have any other investments. Soon I had two more good reasons to plan for.

After investing in my education, becoming more financially literate and also a mother, I began to build a property investment portfolio in-between having my two gorgeous sons. I learnt that yields and capital growth were far greater when you renovate and develop. But I found Sydney was too expensive for this.

My research took me to an affordable region with massive growth potential and lots of investment being made on infrastructure.

I set up my property development project management business in 2001, specialising in the Hunter Region of NSW.

The business grew fast as I found many time-poor investors looking to take the next step into development and create equity rather than wait for capital growth.

When my circumstances changed and I found myself a solo mum (for the majority of the time anyway), I really wanted to ensure I could afford to hold onto that equity producing northern beaches family home, keep building my investments and my business. With much grit and determination and not too much rest, I was able to buy my ex out of the family home and within a few years, even pay off the crazy mortgage. My future is looking bright but I’ve not finished my journey yet.

Property Bloom™ has managed hundreds of developments for our clients, I’ve added to my investment portfolio, the boys are growing up fast and I feel totally in control of my financial future.

I love what I do and I'd love to help you get started in property developing, so give me a call to discuss how you too can become a developer, charter your own financial journey and learn a lot along the way.

Yours passionately in property,
Joanna Chivers CEO



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