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Project Management

Property Bloom™ is a development project manager, but our services go way beyond that. We provide clients with in-depth research, knowledge, experience and support on investment and development opportunities in the Hunter Region of NSW.


Using Property Bloom™ to handle your development means that you are handing over all the fine detail to our experienced project managers. We have long term relationships with land developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and builders and established discount structures, saving our client thousands of dollars.

20 ways Property Bloomcan help you fast track your property development

  1. Find property that can be developed in the right areas. Often this property is not listed on the open market and can already be DA and/or CC approved.
  2. Continually research, assess industry data and report on the progress in towns and suburbs we develop in.
  3. Conduct thorough checks with council, surveyors and local service authorities once a suitable property has been located.
  4. Liaise between local agents, clients, solicitor and financier to optimise purchase terms and ensure a smooth process.
  5. Research with councils and work with local architects, designers, engineers, builders and contractors to find the best development solutions for this specific property.
  6. Run various analyses and project feasibilities.
  7. Work on the design with the architect and builder and ensure clients are happy with the final plans before they are lodged with council.
  8. Raise builders estimates then once a builder is appointed obtain tender and contract at appropriate times.
  9. Negotiate builder and contractor discounts.
  10. Produce and keep a detailed budget throughout the project and present the budget to clients, their accountant and quantity surveyor to optimise tax benefits.
  11. Work with client to choose personal colour and design schemes, or manage this on behalf of clients.
  12. Oversee the sometimes complex DA and CC process.
  13. Manage the building process and take photographic records of each stage.
  14. Weekly Update Reports containing photos of the development's progress are completed and emailed every Friday.
  15. Keep a timeline of progress of the development and present to client on completion.
  16. Brief local real estate agents, negotiate management terms and assist in finding suitable tenants.
  17. Fast track completion and occupation certificate process.
  18. Brief quantity surveyor and raise depreciation schedules on completion.
  19. On-going checks to ensure property is being managed correctly.
  20. Keep you in the loop of ongoing, future potential investment opportunities to help you with your ongoing wealth creation programme.


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