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What others are saying about Jo Chivers

We are very happy with the result of the project and we’d like to thank you both for your help in getting us to this point.

The final result is much better than what we’d originally budgeted and we’ve achieved well over 100% cash on cash return - compared to the 3.7% that we’d have saved in our interest offset account against our mortgage this is an incredible return! And all this achieved in only 15 months.

Getting into small property development was something that we’d been contemplating for a while and going ahead with this project meant overcoming a few mental hurdles. It’s been great to be able to work with you and your team and have the comfort in knowing that we are working with people who really know their stuff and are excellent at what they do! At no time did we feel there were any issues with the project and it was great to see the progress every week in your report. We would have really liked to be able to inspect the final villas in person - the photo’s look great but nothing compared to the reality I’m sure. I hope both new owners are happy with the result and enjoy their new house.

Finally this has been a great step in our overall investment property journey. It has given us a quick cash boost that will allow us now to proceed with our next investment. We absolutely see small developments as part of that strategy over the next few years and we would appreciate you keeping us informed of any projects you have coming up.

Happy Client

It has been an enjoyable & rewarding process & since this is my first investment property (which a lot of people told me I could never do.) I thank you & Joanna very much for walking me through this with encouragement & support when needed. I have mentioned Property Bloom to a number of people during the process & I genuinely hope that some of them will contact you, not just for the business for you but so they can reach some goals like I have by working with you. I definitely would like to work with Property Bloom again in the future.


Thanks Jo, it has again been great working with you, Rich and Property Bloom so happy to recommend you to anyone that shows interest in the strategy. As mentioned recently, we remain interested in repeating once we refinance.


We found Property Bloom through a referral from our Financial Advisor. We wanted to use the current equity in our home to start a property investment portfolio. Property Bloom undertook the entire project from inception to completion. This involved the purchase of an existing house, with a large block which had development potential. After the purchase Jo then set about to appoint architects/builders, co-ordinated planning permission for the construction of a duplex etc. Jo liased with all the local authorities and also helped us co ordinate choices for the building, both external and internal. Jo also investigated and appointed managing agents who are now looking after the fully leased investment. Jo was fantastic at managing the whole project, and this was especially difficult given we were living overseas in London then Singapore for the entirety of the project. We are thrilled with the end result and have also learnt a lot along the way, that will help us in our next project!! Thank you Property Bloom.

Jane Stevens

Jo is a great teacher. I've never done a development before so her experience with the Hunter Councils and the builders is a great asset. She patiently answers all my questions and is willing to share her own experiences.
Jo regularly updates me on what's happening with my project so that the builders, my property manager and the council are all on the same page.

Sharon Billingham

After completing our first development project there is only one thing I wish were different... I wish I was as clever as Jo!! What a fantastic person and company to work with, so knowledgeable and so organised considering the number of projects she was managing at the same time.  

We started off bigger than planned after Jo found us a great 3 villa site (our plan was to do a duplex for our first development), and the end result was much better than anticipated so an overall success that could not have been achieved without Property Bloom.

The whole project ran like clockwork from start to finish and any questions were answered instantly.  I found myself looking forward to Friday afternoons, this is when Jo emails the Weekly Project Update containing everything that had been started/completed and photos - every stage of the build was exciting.

I haven't stopped looking at the photos... I'm so excited.  It all just looks so good....I am super impressed with what you have done to enable us to have such great Villas.

Linda Hulbert

Jo, thank you for all your work on our property development in Kurri Kurri. From start to finish your service was excellent. From finding us the site with an old house, organising the renovation, sub dividing the land and preparing it for development with council and the builder, we did not have to lift a finger and enjoyed getting your updates every week. The development is now complete and we have three properties on the one block which are all tenanted and earning positive cashflow. We could not have done this without you

Justine Pollard

Professional, friendly, efficient, creative and thorough are all words that come to mind. I believe that the Property Bloom fee was recovered on the discount Jo negotiated on the initial property purchase alone. If we had tried to do this project ourselves it would have cost so much more money, plus doing the renovation would absolutely have taken longer with further vacancy as a result. We are delighted to recommend Property Bloom services to anyone.

Matt Gray

We completed our Property Bloom development project in early 2011. We originally signed up with Bloom as we were living overseas and wanted a great real estate investment but weren't able to spend the time in Australia to do the research and decision making required. Jo's service offered us the opportunity to invest in an area we knew to be growing, and achieve a result of high standard, with someone else doing all the running around! From day 1 to the last step, Jo has been supportive, attentive and has absolutely delivered on the initial agreement. We have felt full confidence in Jo's judgement and her attention to detail has allowed us to offer snippets of direction along the way and the leave the rest in her very capable hands. The end result - exactly what we were hoping for: a high quality development, rented out at a top price before it was even fully finished, a great working relationship throughout, and no headaches for us! We would both whole-heartedly recommend Property Bloom and Jo as a great way to achieve a hassle-free, effective investment property development.

Madeleine and Pete Loneragan

Undoubtedly the best developer/project manager I have come across in 14 years in this business.   Keep up the good work. I hope we can work together again in the future.I have not seen your level of service and commitment  previously in this business anywhere else.

Chris Myhill - Mortgage Choice - Michelle Doolan’s finance Broker

I’ve really enjoyed working with you and Joanne. Working with Property Bloom has enabled me to fulfil one of my dreams of doing developments, whilst having the support and more certainty that it would work out well. I’ve also been time-poor and by working with you I’ve actually been able to do this whilst working in a busy job.  You’ve both let me be involved in the process and the discussions, and I’ve learnt a ton from you, so when I’m ready to do it on my own, I’ll be able to. In my view your fee was a small price to pay for a professional attitude, your good contacts in the Hunter, your experience and your management of my project from beginning to end. The best day of the week used to be Fridays, as I would get so excited about receiving your Friday report with photos of our granny flat. Fridays are just not the same anymore now that the project is finished!

Elizabeth Gordon

As a property owner I had made the decision that I wanted to invest in another residential investment property. I had a number of criteria that I was looking to meet for this investment – I wanted to add some value by either renovating or developing; have a property that was positively geared upon completion; a property that was low maintenance (i.e. new) and was situated in an area that had capital growth potential.

Bearing all of these criteria in mind, I read an article in the the magazine Your Investment Property about Joanna Chivers and her property development services. The property investment / development model that the article mentioned met all of the criteria that I was after.

I’d never done a property development before, so I thought that it would be great to have a partner with expertise for my first project. So, I went and met with Jo, checked her references, drove up to Cessnock with her and viewed some of her earlier projects and engaged her services.

We acquired some land at a council auction, designed my duplex from scratch, got the DA approved by Cessnock Council, engaged the services of a local builder and constructed a duplex in Cessnock. The end result of this is that I had a property that met all of my investment criteria. The gross yield is great and I have long terms tenants.

Jo was invaluable in this process. She project managed the work from start to finish, sought my input along the way, kept the builder in check and managed to make significant savings along the way that added value to the development. We are now in the process of looking for my next development opportunity that I can get her help with.
I would highly recommend her services. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this.

Nick Zarifeh


My development project was finished in mid-2013. The entire development from start to finish went for 12 months. Jo was fantastic – very professional, friendly and helpful. She went above and beyond to help with the sale of one property at the end as well. It was a great learning process and Jo made it as hassle free as possible, answering questions quickly and dealing with any issues efficiently. Property Bloom has been great and I would recommend their services to anyone. 

Annabel Lee



I have found that your detailed reports and especially the photos have not made it necessary to personally inspect the build, as I can see both you and your builder are competently completing your tasks. I cannot remember a time previously that I have not felt the need to inspect/monitor a build or renovation. Great work!


Stephen Babidge


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