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Property is a Girl's Best Friend

September 2009

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Property is a Girl's Best Friend features 11 extraordinary women including Property Developer and Investor Jo Chivers.

Includes free money maker gifts from each of the Property Millionaires valued at over $300.


"This book holds the key to escaping the daily grind and unlocking the lifestyle you've always dreamed of through good investments. Easy to relate to, these women are living proof of what you can achieve when you set your mind to it."
Eynas Brodie, Editor, Australian Property Investor


Whether you're 18 or 80, whether you have $800 or $800 000, you can invest in property - you just need the know-how. Property is a Girl's Best Friend is the essential property investment guide for Australian and New Zealand women who want financial freedom. With case studies and hot tips to inspire and guide you, let us show you how:

  • 7 property investing strategies for capital gain and cash flow - find out which suits your personality
  • the 25 steps to teach you property investing
  • techniques to uncover great deals that one property woman used to buy 26 properties in just 28 months
  • 16 ways for you to eliminate costly habits that hold you back financially
  • how one property woman made $1 million in just one year with a $1 options
  • 11 top tips to reduce tax legally and increase cash flow Property is a Girl's Best Friend


Move over diamonds, property is now a girl's best friend!


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