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Property Millionaire

Fiona Jones and Rebecca Griffin
November 2010

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Property Millionaire features 16 extraordinary Aussie Millionaires including Property Developer and Investor Jo Chivers. They have shared their unique success stories and strategies in the hope that you will be inspired to follow your dreams and live the life you want. Brought to you by the same best-selling authors of Mr Millionaire and Ms Millionaire, Property Millionaire features success stories of top property entrepreneurs including Jo Chivers. Jo shares her story about how she started her property portfolio after realizing she wanted to set up the future for her young family and how this lead to her highly successful property development business; Property Bloomâ„¢. You will read all about Jo's life story, what inspired her to take action and how passionate she is about developing property. Property Millionaire showcases success stories of the following top property entrepreneurs: Jo Chivers - Property Bloom Property Millionaire Steve McKnight - Property Carly Crutchfield - CCORP Cherie Barber & Stephen Tolle - Renovating for Profitend_of_the_skype_highlighting Nhan Nguyen - Advanced Property Strategies Libby Lombardo - Leverage Property Paul Derry - Alliance Home Solutions Martienne Freeth & Barb Page - AFA Wealth Jennie Brown - Jennie Brown Events Jason Marianoff - Infinite Returns Pty Ltd Phil Anderson - Lifecorp Buyers Group Sasha deBretton - Million Dollar Makeovers Bob Trask - My Home Now Jason Whitton - Positive Real Estate Fiona Herbert - Ironstone Group Peter Spencer - QLD Property Advice Deb Lindner - Mink Home Staging

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