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Dual Occupancy - two attached or freestanding villas

A Dual Occupancy project may also be referred to as a duplex development which is two attached villas property bloom dual occupancy

Figures below are based on an actual development of two freestanding villas:

Purchase price for land: $142,000
Stamp duty and purchase costs: $5,000
Build 2 x FOUR bedroom villas on the block: $480,000
Council Sect 94 fees & Charges: included in build cost
Strata Subdivision: $5,000
TOTAL COST $632,000

Note: Interest payments are not included as a project cost. Clients may benefit from tax rebates on interest and are advised to seek accounting advice.  Land costs will vary based on location and land size.  Construction costs will increase with time.


End Value is Determined by an Independent Valuation

Actual valuations of the new four bedrooms, two bathrooms, DLUG villas were $390,000 each.

This gives a total end valuation of $780,000.

Equity Created

The difference between the cost $666,000 and the end value of $780,000 creates equity of $148,000 in approximately one year.


Property Bloom is not a Financial Planner please seek independent advice.

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