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Diary of a Dual Occupancy Development Project Part 1

As project managers, one of our roles is to report to our clients on the progress of their project. We do this each Friday in a formal written report with photos. The report system proves to be a good record of progress and what happened throughout the project. Our clients get to keep the reports of course and they act as a handy reference tool, giving a snap shot of their project at every stage.


I thought it would make for interesting reading to take some extracts from our weekly client reports on this dual occupancy project that we have recently completed in the Hunter Region on NSW.


The project can be described as; source development site (corner block in Maitland, NSW), design, plan and build two free standing 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single story, free standing villas and a two lot Torrens Title subdivision.

You’ll get a taste of the process we managed during this development….
We pick up the story after the client has her construction finance approved and is ready to start building. There was obviously a few months of work prior to this where we found the development site; a corner block in a new estate. We then managed the Design and Planning phase and here we are starting the Contraction phase:



25.5.12 – The site has been cut and the plumbers are on site preparing plumbing before the slab goes down.

1.6.12 – The Slab was poured yesterday on Unit 2 and Unit 1 is formed up ready to go. See photos below of the concreters working on finishing the slab on Unit 2 and the “Waffle Pods” (polystyrene foam blocks) used in the engineering of the slab. Once the Slab is complete, our builder will send through their first progress claim.



8.6.12 – The Slabs were completed during the week and the Frames have been started (yesterday). There was a lot of rain during the week so unfortunately there had been no progress when we were on site this week.

By the end of next week, we expect the frames to be completed and the roof trusses to be up. Things are moving along well despite the recent weather.

15/6/12 – Frames and Trusses are now up and the windows were being installed this week. The site has been affected by weather however our builder has managed to continue without really any delay.



We had a good week this week with the roof being completed, the facia and gutters installed and the bricks delivered to site. The Bricklayers are booked for next week so we’ll really see some progress over the next couple of weeks.



29.6.12 – Brickwork has commenced. Rain held up works a little this week however we found a fair amount of progress evident on the exterior. The Plumbing and Electrical fix out will follow shortly with the builder running all pipes and wiring through the frames before the wall insulation and linings are installed. Brick work should be complete over the next week.



Brickwork has been completed this week. Rain is still lingering however progress is consistent. The Bricklayers have indicated that they would be finished well before the end of the week.



16.7.12 The Brickwork is completed and the carpenters have completed the eves also. Timber finish to the porticos has started and we can now see what the finish will be like. We are currently sourcing quotes for timber look Garage doors and front doors (particularly for the grey colour scheme unit). Depending on what deal we can get, it may be an option to change. The electrical and plumbing Rough In is underway and we should see the wall linings go up over this week.



The Gyprock has gone up and the Units are currently being “set” with Plaster. See photos of plaster setting on the gyprock walls in Unit 2. The materials for the Cornices and Architraves have arrived on site and the fit out carpenter is scheduled to begin on Monday.



The fix out carpenter was on site this week with the window and door architraves have been installed. Unit 1 is almost complete and work will then move into the second Unit today. Your neighbours have commenced construction on the property next door.


The Painters were on site this week and the water proofing has been completed to all wet areas; bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and laundries. Next we will see tiling and baths being delivered and fitted.


PART 2 …Next Week. See the development in completion.

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