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Is Your Property Development Ticking Kitchen Trends?

At Property Bloom we are always trying to improve our process.  We put a lot of time and effort into designing our villas, houses or units whether they be for a dual occupancy or multi unit project, we want our finished product to look better than the standard 'investor stock'.

Of course, we need to do this in a cost effective way and so I've found that spending time on key areas like front façades, kitchens and bathrooms can add a wow factor without breaking the budget.

I read this great story about 12 Hot Kitchen Trends and was pleased to see we were meeting seven of the twelve trends in the kitchens we are building right now.

12 Hot Kitchen Trends.


Here's a photo of a kitchen in one of our recently completed developments:



Timber features for kitchens continues to trend. We've used it in our kitchen to add warmth and it was nice to see the report notes that walnut tones  will be trending next year. The timber cupboards we've used are Polytec European Walnut. 

You can also add texture by using a textured product to your cupboards. We did this by using a textured melamine to the timber areas. Which brings me to the next trend - texture.

 Most kitchen manufacturers offer a good choice of textured laminate benches or melamine cupboards and they are usually the same price as flat surfaces.  You can add texture to your splashback tile. We have used a softly lined splashback tile, although it's hard to see in the photo.

We purposely kept the main cabinetry neutral which ticks another trend box. We only wanted two main features for the kitchen which is the use of timber and stone for the benches.

Thin benches are in and it's goodbye to chunky style benches.  This is a relief as we used a thin, engineered stone bench with mitred edges. This was a choice more around cost than trend as the thicker bench tops were more expensive.



Engineered stone benches have become so well manufactured that it can be hard to tell the difference from natural materials.In an investment property it doesn't make sense to use real marble or granite so we are meeting the trend to use engineered materials. I love the wider choice of colours and tones you can get from the various supplies of engineered stone benches. It's important your bench works in well with your flooring, especially if you are using a mitred or waterfall edge where the bench will meet the floor.

Speaking of flooring, we've used a stone look floor tile with a polished finish. I like the floor to reflect light which can give the impression of a large, clean space. But perhaps this is not right on trend as I think more natural and matt finishes are in right now.

For our pendant lights, we've used a small white pendant with a silver foil lining inside it. This adds a little touch of glam. So we are only just half ticking the trend of using precious metals. If you really want to be on trend you should incorporate some brass, cooper or gold which may be used in the lighting, tapware, rangehood or splashback.But we didn't want to compete with the natural timber tones that were already a feature. Be careful not to have too many features as they can compete with each other giving you a cluttered or busy look.


I find designing the kitchens and choosing the colours one of the most enjoyable parts of property development and valuers have told me that a well designed, spacious kitchen with quality features will add value to your property. If you'd like to know just how much this kitchen cost us, then send me an email and I'll be happy to share.

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