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Keep your eyes on the prize

I've been going through some personal challenges lately. Whilst it's been emotionally very hard, it's made me realise something I was totally unaware of. I treat and deal with my personal obstacles in the same way I do the challenges I encounter in property developing.  


I hadn't thought too much about the way I work and the way I live and kinda assumed they were separated by an invisible line in the sand. But the longer I've been running my business the blurrier the line has become.


Yesterday I had to go into a very unfamiliar space.  I had to negotiate something of upmost importance to my family's future, but it was personal and highly emotive stuff. To get through it, I put on my business hat and approached it in the same way I would if I was negotiating a property deal or managing a development issue.


By doing this I could emotionally remove myself from the situation and make some very straight calls. This helped me get through the day but more importantly, the result I had visualised for a few weeks leading into this, actually materialised.


I felt that this mental preparation gave me a guideline or goal for an acceptable outcome. Let me explain what I mean by 'preparation'.  I'm literally talking about only a few minutes every couple of days thinking about what I wanted to happen. That's all.


I'm not sure if I'm noticing this more as I get older or  it's because I'm more 'tuned in' but this whole visualisation thing works for work, at home and in business.  I'm certainly not a 'new age' type but I've found if you open yourself up to an outcome and allow some emotion reasoning behind why you want that outcome, then magical things can happen.


Apart from my personal results, I've also been very pleased with some  business results this week. Property Bloom has completed a few developments for our clients, we've found some very good development sites and had tenants literally jumping to sign a lease on a completed dual occupancy project.


In order for these enthusiastic tenants to move into their new homes, we needed to Handover the project. This means the final drawdown has to be paid by the developer’s bank into the builder's account before keys will be released. This process can sometime take weeks, but we didn't have weeks, only days.


Our ducks were lined up after we held an open house a few weeks before completion knowing that tenants will need to give two weeks notice before they could move into the new villas.


We conducted our Practical Completion inspection on the duplex (pictured) instructing our client to put the final invoice to the bank for payment - at the same time we managed some small items still to be finished on the build. The bank's valuer inspected the duplex on Tuesday, they bank paid the final builder's invoice on  Wednesday, funds hit the builder's account on Thursday and keys were delivered to the agent ready for the tenant to move in on Friday. This precision timing means our client has a rental income from the day after Handover. 


So how did visualising help?  Well I knew three weeks prior the day the tenant had to move in and whilst you cannot control this part of the development as we are relying on banks and payments to hit accounts, all we could do was ensure everyone had all the information they needed to do their jobs and 'know' (hope) that all would be well. 


In this case it worked, but there has been others where it hasn't.  Where I've had a feeling someone is going to drop the ball, whether it's an impression I got from the bank or the builder or the valuer or the agent or the tenant...whatever it is, you need to act on this feeling and adjust the finish line.  It's about using your gut feel, intuition, experience or whatever you want to call it. So you refocus and get your eye back on the prize.

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