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What’s the most important tool needed to develop property?

I’m not sure if you are into New Age stuff, but in my experience it works. I’ve read a few books and I think most of us has seen the movie “The Secret” a few years ago which really bought it all into the mainstream. The Law of Attraction is a belief based on the concept that ‘like attracts like’ and that focussing on positive thoughts you will attract positive outcomes. Negative thoughts will do the same, attract negative outcomes. 

Whilst property developing is mostly all about numbers, if you don’t have the right mindset then you may find it hard to succeed. This goes for most things in life really.

I’ll tell you a little story. It’s been about 15 years since I started my business. Looking back, it was pretty crazy times. Not only did I transition from a career in marketing cosmetics to developing property, I also educated myself financially and bought a hand full of investment properties and had my first son all in the space of about a year.

I’ll always remember when I started Property Bloom as it was the year I also started a family. After discovering I was pregnant, I suddenly decided that we (my then husband and I) needed to build up our wealth in preparation for our retirements, still a way away but this must have been how my “nesting instinct” played out. When you are pregnant the increase in adrenaline in your system, alongside hormones and emotions makes mother’s-to-be very productive.

Rather than buying baby things, I started buying properties. Instead of cleaning out the cupboards, I sat in lecture theatres being inspired by all the strategies you can use to build wealth through property.

In the process of setting up our portfolio of investment properties, I realised just how much I loved property. I wanted to create a business where I could still do what I loved and have the flexibility to look after my little baby. After developing property for myself, a couple of friends asked me to project manager theirs and so that’s how Property Bloom came about. My little baby is turning 15 soon and so much has happened in this time.

The biggest, most challenging change for me came just two years ago when I became a single mum. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for my marriage and after 19 years it was the biggest decision of my life to leave it. I had to weigh up many things and the most important being the kids. I have two beautiful sons and they are my priority. With the help of some good counselling and support of my awesome girlfriends, I made it through. The scariest thing was not fully knowing how I would manage financially.

But I needn’t have worried as during the last few years, I worked out how we can create and attract what we want. It’s all about having the right energy or mindset.

I was so unhappy I didn’t realise how much this sadness impacted on my daily life. I used exercise and keeping busy to cope but at the end of the day, I was finding it hard to keep a positive mindset. Then two massive life changing things happened. My elderly father died and then suddenly my younger mother-in-law died in the space of just a few months. These were the first deaths in my family and the harsh perspective they gave me was so powerful it literally kicked me into action.  Life was too short and I knew I had to make a massive change.

When I became happy after making that enormous and very tough decision, it was like the entire universe was on my side. My business was already doing well, possibly as I used it to focus on to get me through the tough times. But as a feeling of peace flowed through me, everything became brighter and it was easy to be positive.

I cherished the time I had with my boys and also the newly found time I had to myself when they were with their father. I’d never had much time to myself. Building a business and raising a family is time consuming and hard work. I used this precious time to recharge my energy levels, rebuild my self-esteem and focus on what I wanted.

In the meantime, my property development project management business that I love so much, was gaining momentum. Lots of clients were coming back to do a second and third project with us and new clients were attracted to the high level of service our boutique business offers. This meant I had no reason to feel financially worried despite taking out a massive mortgage on the family home so the kids and I could still stay there. Thank goodness for low interest rates!

After a while, I started thinking that the only thing missing was a partner to share my happy life with.

This is the fun bit. One New Year’s Eve, over a few glasses of champagne with my girlfriends, I wrote out a list of things I wanted in a new partner. This is much like writing out a list of goals. When you write them down, they become real and the more you go back and review them, the more energy and focus you are putting on them.

Almost a year to the day of writing that list, I met an amazing man. As we got to know each other, I was blown away that he was literally everything on my list, and more – no mean feat considering it was two pages long!

I’m ecstatically happy and very grateful, its amazing how awesome life is.

So how is your mindset right now? Make it positive and not negative, as remember like attracts like. Are there any changes (hopefully not as dramatic as mine) that you can make that will help you achieve your goals and have you written them down yet?  If something cannot be changed, you can still change your attitude about it. Get started on attracting what you want, perhaps it’s to get started on that development project you’ve always wanted to do.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you’ll ever need on a development site.

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